Gabriella's clients are often foreigners who wish to get married in Europe. They are madly in love. They love to travel. They love gastronomy and new enriching experiences. They dream about getting married in a special place, paying particular attention to the details and design decoration of their wedding. They often opt for an elopement. They are first looking for a memorable experience for their wedding.

At Gabriella Vanstern we value you as a person .


Gabriella's team are masters of details. They are trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest, bride. Just ask. They are here to help.


Gabriella knows her clients so don't be surprised if she calls you by your name before you tell her your name. "We love calling her because she always knows who we are and she is happy to hear about us." Perla & Benjamin                 


Gabriella will always work and photographed you in a way to make you look good. That why she will take the time to know your likes and dislikes.


At Gabriella Vanstern, we appreciate our clients. We Always want to be sure to let them know that we are extending extra to them because they are a valued customer and we want to show them that we appreciate them. So don't be surprised to receive a handwritten note on lovely stationery.

                            THE BEST FOR OUR CLIENTS

Gabriella speaks English, French and Italian. Gabriella Parle Français, Anglais et Italien couramment. Gabriella Vanstern serves a limited number of clients each year. We work hard to achieve excellence both in the services and products we deliver to our clients. Gabriella work with hand-picked vendors, who provide the best possible products to archive your photographs and ensure they will be passed on amongst future generations. 


your wedding is important to us, too.

all the little details

All portrait sessions and weddings come with a handmade Archival Box containing a USB with your digital files and a set of 8.2×5.9” proof Mated prints. We also believe that your wedding photos should be displayed in the best possible way, which is why an Album is included in most of our Collections. Our Fine Art Albums are handmade in Italy. They are lay-flat binding. Our wood boxes are handmade in the Pacific Northwest (USA) from solid hardwoods.

Wedding Collections range depending on hours needed. Please get in touch to receive the full brochure and informations.

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investing in your memories

the collections







"Gabriella Vanstern offers elegant and artistic photography that captures the true romance of your day"


"Gabriella is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

-sheri & daren

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer"

-Tatiana & Soud